Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Stars May Be Born in the Bright Lights of Broadway, but Our Stars Shine Brighter in Our Candling Booth

          We would love to welcome every fan of The Country Hen to our farm. Unfortunately, that is not possible, but we still want to open our virtual doors to you. Welcome to a series of posts that will take you through our special farm – from specially formulated feed to sunlit barns to the processing that prepares our organic omega eggs for your table.
                If you missed the previous entries, catch up here: Lets Visit Our Country Hens 

          This is our candling booth where the very experience hands and eyes of our two Candlers are viewing the interior of our exceptional eggs as they gently roll over bright lights that illuminate any imperfections like tiny hairline cracks on the shells. One very happy coincidence I like to tell folks is the name of our most experienced Candler, Lumen. Lumen is also the name of a measurement of light if you look it up in a dictionary. Our Lumen has been doing this important work here in our FARMily for more than fourteen years and she does an exemplary job to be sure. Our Lumen also has a very bright and sunny disposition offering up a stunning smile and a friendly greeting of “hello” whenever she passes by.
           I am reminded of the bit in that movie called Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory where the character Veruca Salt stands on a scale and is determined to be a “bad egg” before she drops down a chute to be discarded. We don’t have a piece of equipment like that to determine which eggs are good or not. We have Lumen instead, and she is not only more fun to work with than some lifeless scale, she is also much more efficient than Willie Wonka’s fictitious method. Both of our Candlers can spot a bad egg and remove it quick as lightning to make sure only the very best quality eggs move on from this station to the Egg Grader weighing station that will sort them into their respective size categories.

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