Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The First Annual Country Hen Scholarship Award 2016


The Country Hen farm is small compared to many egg producers but, despite our diminutive size, we are one of the largest employers in our quaint little hometown of Hubbardston, Massachusetts. Our founder, George Bass, has always seen to it that our farm actively and generously shoulders our civic responsibility to support our lovely little community in many and various ways. In the spirit of continuing this tradition for many years to come, George made a personal contribution to establish an annual scholarship for local students and The Country Hen  matched his generous gift.
Emma Guertin is the very first recipient from Hubbardston to be awarded this scholarship. We all hope this award will help her build a bright and successful future. Hubbardston will be celebrating it's 250th anniversary in 2017. The town folks take pride in their agricultural history of orchards that produced a local variety of apple called the Nonesuch. There is an old saying born of this pride that people from Hubbardston are particularly fond of sharing: "Our roots grow deep". It is an agricultural community after all, and as such, it is very farmer-friendly. Although producing eggs is considerably different than producing Nonesuch apples, the town put forth a very warm welcome when George first considered starting up The Country Hen farm in this location back in 1988. We are very proud to think of this scholarship combined with our many other contributions to this community as nourishing fertilizer  those "deep roots" need for spectacular growth that reaches not just into the sky but into the future as well.
Our General Manager, Bob Beauregard presented the award to Emma before the members of the town's Board of Education. Bob has quite the knack for public speaking and, in keeping with the town's appreciation for history, he made this modest little speech to congratulate Emma Guertin:  
"In many cultures and belief systems dating back through the ages, an egg symbolizes the future, the beginning of life, good luck and prosperity. For some, an egg represents potential and a promise yet to be realized. The children of our community represent all of these much more tangibly. Emma, your achievements thus far are a great indication that you are a very good egg indeed. We are happy to award this scholarship to you with the hope that it will help you realize your full potential as you take these first steps beginning your journey into adult life. We hope you achieve a very prosperous future Emma, Congratulations!'