Friday, May 15, 2015

 Farm News Insert sets young hearts afire

 The following is a most heartwarming true story we were given permission to share. 
Tanya H.
May 14th, 4:44pm
Many thanks to your Farm News for being the vehicle for my marriage proposal 🐣

My fiancée and I enjoyed reading them SO much every Sunday during our breakfasts, that he doctored up his own copy and used it to propose!
The Country Hen
May 15th, 8:39am
Congratulations! That has to be the most creative and sweetest marriage proposal I have ever heard of. What a clever guy. We all wish you the very best for a happy, healthy future together. We are very proud and honored to have had a part at the beginning of your days breakfast and at the beginning of your lives together as man and wife

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bob Bernard at TOPS Templeton Offset Printing
Our customers often write to tell us how much they enjoy reading the newsletter inserts found in our cartons of eggs. They have become so popular that many of our competitors have begun following our model by adding inserts of their own. This is very flattering as imitation is the highest form of compliment and we are proud to have been the first.  We thought our customers might like to know a little bit about the man most responsible for making our original model possible.
Introducing Bob Bernard, Proprietor of Templeton Offset Printing….
Into the office comes hand truck after hand truck filled with great big heavy boxes being rolled across the floor by a shy and unassuming gentleman with a pleasant smile who gives us a cheery greeting to let us know the new inserts he has printed for us have arrived.  Bob Bernard has been doing this printing and delivery routine with us since 1991. 
Our founder, George Bass, wanted to have some way to let our customers know all about our wonderful, healthful and delicious eggs. This unique connection to our customers was one of George’s fondest hopes. George was determined to find a way to make it happen and soon with the recommendation of Elaine McKay, proprietor of a neighboring Calico & Cream restaurant, discovered the solution in the skillful talents Bob and his humble, in home printing business had to offer.
Bob’s love of printing began in high school classes in letterpress printing which he claims was not too far removed from the days of Ben Franklin. This passion for printing was interrupted after his first year when, as Bob says; “Uncle Sam made an aircraft engine mechanic out of me for his Air Force for four years.”  Bob spent the 23 years following his service to our country learning and working in several different specialties of the graphic arts trade before starting up his own printing business in Westborough with his sister Claudette helping out in the office.  Claudette became ill, making it necessary to close the Westborough print shop and move the business closer to home while Claudette dealt with the effects of Chemo and cancer surgery. Bob established a business out of his home during this time later adding an addition to expand his shop.
We began printing TCH Farm News inserts on a regular basis in 1991. The first issues were for 25,000 to 75,000 prints, which have increased to 600,000 inserts every 4 to 6 weeks!  “The biggest challenge was trying to read George’s handwriting. I jokingly referred to it as hen scratching once and someone said it was probably because George lived with chickens for so long.” Bob says his favorite inserts were two that demonstrated George’s faith and personal strength in times of difficulty that he found to be an inspiration. The first told about a fire that destroyed one of the new barns. George vowed to rebuild and that’s exactly what he did. The second was the insert written about the experience of losing his daughter, Katie. Bob said, “These stories were inspiring to me, and I am sure to many other people.”         
“While TCH is the primary focus of my business today, I do 1 and 2 color printing for a variety of local businesses and individuals. I truly have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with some of the best people I know here at The Country Hen.”