Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Passing Down the Torch

Young Michael Manisy is learning the tricks of the egg trucking trade from vested Driver Dave Viets. 

Family Farm
The Country Hen family continues the traditions. Renette in our Accounting  Department couldn't be more proud of her son's work with us during college breaks in our Processing Department. Michael is now moving up into a promotion to DSD driver under the fine tutelage of Dave Viets. The Processing Team misses him already but all wish him the very best in his new role in  Sales.
Our Friend John was inspired by our exceptional eggs and our location in Hubbardston MA to write and send us this lovely poem. We really do love to hear from our customers!

 Dear Mother Hubbardston,

 I ate your tasty brown eggs.
 They went down to my legs,
 my eyes, ears and nose.
 I now wonder and suppose
 why I feel so good among folks,
 and seem to tell so much better yolks.
 Overall, you sure are a good egg!
 Thanks Ma,
 John J.
 Peekskill, New York State