Friday, March 27, 2015

Collecting eggs sounds like a simple job right? It is quite a bit more involved than people might imagine. Collecting and sorting eggs are just one of the many important tasks The Country Hen Barn Worker does. Let’s think on the age-old philosophical question; “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Well, here at TCH we may only sell eggs, but the chicken always comes first. Caring for the chickens has always been top priority for our farmers who proudly call themselves Barn Workers. TCH Barn Workers provide and maintain an environment that promotes high standards of animal welfare, stringently effective biosecurity and superior quality of life for our hens.
TCH Farmers typically have very unique qualifications of character, personality and manner which make them well-suited to meeting the needs of the hens, including nurturing attitudes, a conscientious disposition, compassion, empathy, consideration and dependability. Experienced and well-seasoned Barn Workers cultivate relationships with their hens and the flock as a whole that afford them a profound depth of familiarity. This allows them to instinctively know when all is well, or when something might be wrong, or when the chickens are in need of something just by listening to the hens sounds and observing their behavior.
            As true professionals, our Barn Workers never rely on mere observation alone to be certain that all is well with the hens. The Barn Workers vigilantly check the feed, the water, air temperature and quality, they check on condition of the litter the hens dust bathe in, keep the hens’ living space clean and free from any hazards. Our Barn Workers can tell you how much food the hens are eating on any given day, how much water they are drinking and whether or not they are maintaining healthy weights. Everything is monitored and measured to be certain the hens are well cared for.  The structures housing the chickens and the equipment around them are all inspected daily for any needs of maintenance or repairs and then the egg collecting begins. At TCH, the chickens really do come first and our dedicated Barn Workers make the hens’ needs top priority.    


  1. How wonderful is your care and concern for your birds! I LOVE your eggs and believe they are the best on the planet! I read that you mill your own food, and now I see how incredibly well you treat your birds. I've been spending lots of time seeking out clean, grass-fed or vegetarian-fed animals as local as possible. I am blessed to call you a part of my community!

    1. Thank you Anne. We are proud to be part of your community.