Friday, January 30, 2015

Where Can I Find The Country Hen Farm?


An Overview of Our Farm

The aerial photo of our humble little farm shows what we look like from above. Our farm is quaint and charming, ringed by a cradle of green trees surrounded by the neighboring homes in a tiny little town so steeped in history and tradition that it is like traveling back through time itself. As you are driving on Route 68 you’ll want to keep your eyes open because if you blink you might miss seeing the town center, which consists of not much more than a couple steeple churches, a gas station/convenience store combination and the post office that boasts 3 parking spots in front! There are no buildings higher than a couple of stories tall with the exception of the steeples on the churches. No high-rise buildings, strip-malls, shopping centers, or other signs of “city” to be found in Hubbardston. It is simply rustic and rural and beautiful.

The People of this town are polite, friendly country folk that greet you with a pleasant smile, a friendly “hello” or an acknowledging nod of the head as you walk by. They are some of the most courteous and well-mannered people you might ever meet. While it is probably a bad idea to ask a passerby for directions in the city, you can do so in Hubbardston any time without any trepidation whatsoever. People in Hubbardston are very used to giving directions, probably because anyone who is not from here is usually here because they have gotten lost on their way to somewhere else. Hubbardston is most definitely not what anyone would call a tourist hot-spot.

I have told you about our little town as the first step in our journey together to delve inside The Country Hen farm to learn everything there is to learn about us, about our hens, and about our exceptional eggs.  My next blog entry will introduce some of the history of our farm, our Founder, George Bass and how The Country Hen came to be such a big part of this little town.

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  1. The top picture is our farm, next one down is the tallest building in the town center (The Library), the next one down is the post office and the last picture is the gas station/ deli/ ATM/ convenience store. The bustling metropolis of Hubbardston!